Cambodian Pest Control Service

CamPestControl is a Cambodian leading services in pest control, especially in exporting of agricultural products and other goods, which have been supported and recognized by service users and the SPS Competency Authorities of importing countries as the trading partners of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

CamPestControlhas been recognized and authorized by Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries through a official letter No.3994, dated May 31st,2011. With the reference of this legally recognition, General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA) are preparing the technical agreement for cooperating with CamPestControl in order to enhance the effectiveness in providing as the following services (1) Cleaning and disinfections of empty containers and means of transportation;( 2) Fumigation  and (3) Implementation of International Standards for Phytosanitary Measure No.15 (ISPM No. 15) on wood packaging material in international trade and the use of mark. Due to the lack of Fumigation Accreditation Scheme in Cambodia, CamPestControl is trying to register at Department of Agriculture in Malaysia,which is under the Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS) to meet Australian quarantine requirements.

In the story of our service supplier since 1995 (CamPCS), we are always kept in compliance with the National Legislation, Regional & International Standards recognized by the WTO and WHO. CamPestControl are binding of ideas and experiences of Cambodian Legal and technical Experts with scoping in being of Khmer gratitude, National benefits, natural recourses conservation, especially sustainability of Cambodia Agro-businesses for participating in achieving the goal of National Policy on the promotion of paddy production and rice export and poverty reduction in Cambodia.



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